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I am Miroslav Matusinsky (born 1987), I focus on people, outdoor and reportage photography. For the last 10 years I have travelled extensively, shooting still and work for worldwide company in engineering. I also find the time to work on personal projects. I am based in Prague where I live with my wife and son . For me, outdoor and photography are parallel beings. My fascination with the world of people, and how people keep striving for perfection, is mirrored in own perfectionist approach, as well as in the attention to detail in my photography. 

I was born and raised in Czech Republic. My interest in photography began as a hobby during adolescence but became a passion when I began traveling in early twenties and was seeking a way of capturing the essence of experiences. I predominantly work in landscape photography and portraits . Specifically, I am experimenting with specific people in nature environment.

Lucky Bay – Western Australia

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